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While workforce management is part of workforce optimisation, workforce optimisation also embraces many other applications including call recording and quality monitoring, e-learning, performance management through scorecards, customer feedback management, integration across front-office, back-office and branch operations, and speech and data analytics. By enabling these functions to work together workforce optimisation provides a system for continuous improvement
Many contact centres start out by using a standard Excel spreadsheet to produce forecasts and schedules, managing these documents can be a very time-consuming and complex process that only scales so far. Queue Logic can help customers migrate from this approach to a full Workforce Optimisation approach that will move planning from a reactive to a more proactive model.

Workforce optimisation solutions can deliver key contact centre functionality including:
  • Workforce Management: to ensure organisations have the right agents available with the right skills at the right time by providing in-depth strategic planning and workforce management tools to improve the performance of inbound, blended and outbound staffing resources.

  • Recording & Quality Management: to record and evaluate agent performance, capture real-time customer feedback, and give organisations insight to both business issues and agent performance.

  • Performance Management: to measure and communicate results to continuously improve business processes and ensure performance is aligned with overall goals.

  • Training: deliver targeted training to drive performance improvement.
Queue Logic can provide consultancy and advice on all aspects of workforce optimisation. This includes providing advice to contact centres that have already invested in a workforce optimisation product suite.

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