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Self-service is the provision of interaction channels which allow customers to manage their own transactions and find information required without the need to interact with agents. Through the use of self-service applications, contact centres are able to expose virtually any business process workflow to their customers.

 The key to delivering self-service is to first understand who the customers are, how they contact you, why they contact you and when they contact you. This enables you to select the correct self-service approach to deliver an appropriate customer experience. Once this has been achieved you can start to determine whether a self-service approach will match your customers’ profile or whether you only need automate one aspect of the call, such as identification verification.
Queue Logic can provide consultancy and expertise to contact centres who are looking at providing voice self-service. We can also assist customers who already have the technology to get the most out of it by looking at which areas of the business are suited to voice self-service and deploying best practice procedures.
Queue Logic also has expertise in developing and implementing voice self-service applications. We believe that the key areas to focus on when developing voice self-service applications include:
  • Usability – it is important for voice self-service applications to be simple to use, offer few menu options, and include an option to route to an agent.
  • Intelligent call steering – using intelligent call steering allows customers to simply state what they require which allows the call to be routed to the most appropriate agent thereby increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Consistent customer experience – whether a customer is using a voice self-service application, web, voice, email or SMS there should be a consistent customer experience. This means that all of an organisation’s different contact centre systems and processes need to be aligned to help enable a joined-up service culture and deliver a consistent brand experience.
  • User-centred design - The most successful applications demonstrate clear user benefits, often in terms of security, privacy, convenience or cost of service.
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