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Traditionally, telephony solutions have used Time Division Multiplex (TDM) as the method of receiving and making calls. TDM technology has been available since 1962, and has a proven over time that it is a robust method of establishing a telephone call between parties. The down side of TDM is that whilst it is a scalable medium, it can be very expensive to increase the capacity required to an end user due to needing additional hardware and telephony circuits.
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows voice, video and instant messaging communication to be carried over data networks instead of traditional TDM voice networks. Although VoIP can be deployed using a number of different standards, within the industry it is the SIP open standard that has been adopted by most solution vendors to supply VoIP communications.
The majority of contact centres migrate to VoIP based networks to take advantage of the cost savings gained from converging voice and data traffic onto a single network infrastructure. However VoIP-based contact centres can reap many additional business benefits, such as the support of additional communication channels, the provision of innovative services, and enabling the virtualisation of interaction handling i.e. being able to route calls to the most experienced person in the organisation regardless of their location.
Queue Logic has extensive knowledge in designing and deploying VoIP solutions and can assist customers in a number of ways, including:
  • Migration from TDM to VoIP – our consultants can produce a migration strategy for customers to move from TDM to VoIP.
  • Design of VoIP solutions – Queue Logic has experience in designing optimal VoIP solutions for both small and large contact centres.
  • Deployment of VoIP solutions – Queue Logic has experience in deploying complex, multi-site SIP-based IP telephony solutions.
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